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Edwards AFB Orange and White Paint Scheme Documentation Guide

Many aircraft types have flown in the Edwards AFB chase plane role including the F-4, F-15,  and F-16A/B models. All of these aircraft have been painted in the same basic paint scheme as follows:

- The fuse is Gloss Bright White.
- The wing tips, and tail surfaces are Gloss International Orange, FS#12197.
- The blue trim on the vertical fin is Gloss Insignia Blue FS#15044.
- The red trim is Insignia Red, FS#11136.

The F-16’s radomes are Matte Dark Gray, FS#36081 and the F-16’s antiglare area in front of the cockpit and behind the top of the radome is Matte Medium Gray FS #36173.

The F-15’s nose is Gloss white with a black antiglare area immediately in front of the cockpit on top of the nose that extends to the tip of the nose.

The photo below depicts F-16A aircraft 81-0688 in the basic Edwards AFB paint scheme and markings.

In the above photo, the vertical fin is carrying the standard Edwards AFB chase plane insignia.  This aircraft was flown by Colonel RIchard Engle in three different sets of markings.  The above photo of 81-0688 was taken prior to Colonel Engle becoming the Wing Commander of the 412th Test Wing.  (Photo provided by ProMark Graphics.)

The Paint Notes to the left were provided by Chris Huhn in 1995 and describe the Edwards AFB chase plane scheme and markings as implemented on 81-0688 when it was flown by Colonel Engle after he became the Wing Commander for the 412th Test Wing.  

81-0688 was repainted yet again when Colonel Engle was promoted to Brigadier General and Commanding Officer of Edwards Air Force Base and is depicted in the photo below at the head of the flight line.  New markings were added and several areas were polished to a mirror chrome finish including the centerline tank nose, the port and starboard light housings and the in-flight refueling door.  The AFFTC insignia on the vertical fin signifies the Air Force Flight Test Center for which General Engle was Commanding Officer. 

Click here for a comprehensive photo slide show of 81-0688 in the above AFFTC insignia as flown by General Engle while he was the commanding officer at Edwards AFB.

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