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Craig Gottschang Test Flies His New A-10 Warthog, January 8, 2008


Craig recently completed the construction of his huge A-10 Warthog. Several Georgia Jets members came out to assist craig with the A-10's maiden flight including Joe Rafalowski, James Moody, Rusty Bardin and Mike Pascoe. The day went great with Craig successfully completing two test flights on this impressive airplane.

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Georgia Jets Airfield, February 2 and March 2, 2008


Several Georgia Jets members enjoyed some fun flying during these two warm winter days.

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Easter Weekend 2008 Jet Together


A crowd of Georgia Jets members turned out for a great weekend of flying. Everyone had a blast! Photos by Jed Jacobsen, Mike Pascoe, Rusty Bardin and Gordon Dickens.

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Georgia Tech's SAE Contest Entry


Georgia Tech students designed and built this model airplane for a heavy lifting competition. The students were assisted by Georgia Jets member Adam Broughton of Georgia Tech's Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering.

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Georgia Jets Airfield, August 16 - 17, 2008


These were two great days of flying at the Georgia Jets Airfield. In attendance were David Dewitt, Gordon Dickens, Rick Fusco, Dee Miller, Hicks Milner, Mike Pascoe and Joe Rafalowski. Joe Rafalowski showed off his new BVM Ultra Bandit and Hicks Milner debuted his new BVM Kingcat (built by Mike Pascoe) while the rest of the gang flew their tried and true favorite aircraft.

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