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Georgia Jets Airfield, July 22 and July 29, 2007


Mike Pascoe Test Flies His New L-39 Albatross and Rusty Bardin test flies his Fury's Wren turbine conversion.
These were two great days of flying at the Georgia Jets Airfield. In attendance were Rusty Bardin, Garey Bivens, Gordon Dickens, Tim Fielden, Rick Fusco, Tom Nay, Mike Pascoe and Joe Rafalowski.

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Georgia Jets Weekend Get Together, June 16, 2007


Rick Fusco test flies his new F-15 and Dee Miller test flies his new Ultra Bandit.
A crowd of members turned out for a full weekend of flying including Rusty Bardin, Garey Bivens, David DeWitt, Gordon Dickens, Rick Fusco, Doug Hallberg, Dee Miller, James Moody, Tom Nay, Louis Padgett, Walker Padgett, Mike Pascoe and Joe Rafalowski. Everyone had a great time!

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Joe Rafalowski Test Flies His Competition F-100, April 29, 2007


Joe won Top Gun’s Expert Class two years in a row in 2002 and 2003. He won the 2003 competition with this very airplane, however, his engine flamed out during his last competition flight forcing a dead stick landing in a rough unimproved area. As a result, the airframe sustained substantial damage and the F-100 did not fly again until now. Joe has rebuilt the F-100 and it looks better than ever. The F-100’s test flights went great and everybody enjoyed watching Joe fly this impressive airplane once again.

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Garey Bivens Test Flies His F-15 Eagle, May 24, 2007


Georgia Jets member Garey Bivens recently completed construction of his Yellow Aircraft F-15 Eagle. So, it was an exciting day on May 24, 2007 when he headed out to the Georgia Jets Airfield to test fly his new airplane. Garey was accompanied by Joe Rafalowski, Rusty Bardin and Mike Pascoe. Mike and Garey buddy boxed together on the first trim flight. The day was a resounding success as documented in these photographs.

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